Sunday, January 19, 2014

pdf2htmlEX v0.11 is out

pdf2htmlEX v0.11 has been released.  Thanks to all the contributors!

This version includes lots of JavaScript code cleaning. jQuery is now completely removed. The additional term in the license is removed, now pdf2htmlEX is released with pure GPLv3.

Complete Changelog:

* Compress JS with closure-compiler
* Compress CSS with YUI Compressor
* jQuery removed
* Lots of JS code cleaning
* Enable global key handler by default
* Use WOFF by default
* Always generate TTF before the final output
* Fix CSS for loading-indicator
* Do not set style for global <span>
* Improvements on the SVG output
* New options

1 comment :

  1. Any chances to get updated packages in PPA? Anyway, thank you for this great tool!