Friday, July 25, 2014

pdf2htmlEX v0.12 is out!

pdf2htmlEX v0.12 has been released:

This version brings lots of new features and bug fixed,

Special thanks to Duan Yao, who implemented the long-waited text visibility detection feature (--correct-text-visiblity), and other many others.

Some planned work in the next release would include:
  - better test cases
  - better incorporation with Fontforge (python?)
  - better documentations

Complete change log:
* Recognize and hide covered text
* Proof mode that allows easy comparison of HTML and PDF
* Do not support Fontforge < 2.0.0 any more
* Output is now XHTML
* Other bug fixed and improvements
* New options
* Removed options

1 comment :

  1. Hello,

    Greeting of the day!!!!

    I am trying to convert PDF file to html file with pdf2htmlEX but I am not able to convert. Would request you to please help me to understand better this.

    So can you please share all details to installation, to conversion etc. with step by steps?

    thanks in advance.