Monday, March 16, 2015

New repo to collect test cases

Test cases are always necessary for issues regarding conversion. Users used to upload files into online storage services, their home pages, or other public places, and post back links in the issue reported. While this often works, there are a few issues:

- Some storage services may not be accessible in all regions.
- The files may not be available permanently.
- The uploader did not guarantee that the file can be used as a test case.

Especially for the last one, while the developers may solve the issue temporarily, without a proper test case it is likely that the problem will haunt back again (and again and again) in the future. And most of the time it is not easy to make up one for the developers. This stupid situation might drive the developers crazy!

To solve this, a new repo coolwanglu/pdf2htmlEX-testcase has been set up to collect test case files. Please read the README file for instructions. Basically this is used as a public storage area, and you must make sure that you own the copyright of the files and you agree that the files can be used publicly as a test case in pdf2htmlEX (it will be shipped together with the source code).

This is the preferred way of supplying problematic files for issues newly created. You can still upload your files in private or temporary locations (e.g. you do not own the file), however it is likely that the issue will be assigned lower priorities.

If you have any good ideas or questions about this new repo, please let me know.

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